March 22, 2017

EA's Creative Department Presents The Wallpaper Project

When you hear ‘wallpaper,’ do you think of interior décor or the background image on your computer? For EA’s graphic designers, it’s the latter. To challenge themselves and showcase their talents...

March 07, 2017

A Brand Experience Expert Shares Their Take on Immersive Theatre

 “Hi there, doll. What can I get ya?”

February 08, 2017

Super Bowl LI: Advertisements in Review

Every Super Bowl Sunday, marketers are on the edge of their seats in anticipation, anxiously awaiting the innovative advertisements that accompany the most-watched event of the year. Event...

November 03, 2016

Go Cubs Go! A Community That Took the World (Series) by Storm

For the past 108 years, Chicagoans have rallied around our home team, hoping, dreaming, and praying that the Cubs would finally take it all. Last night, our beloved Cubs finally became the 2016...

September 06, 2016

Savage Smyth: September Events Calendar

You're invited! AgencyEA + Savage Smyth welcome influencers and innovators alike to attend upcoming programs within Chicago's newest creative event venue.


May 08, 2016

I Got It From My Momma

We don’t just recognize our mothers on Mother’s Day; we honor them every day in the challenges we overcome, the good work that we do and the people that we touch. To the women who shaped who we...