January 09, 2017

10 Trends for 2017: agencyEA's Annual Trend Report

As we kick off 2017 in an increasingly competitive landscape, event marketers face familiar obstacles. To help navigate this environment, agencyEA explored the emerging trends and cutting-edge...

December 07, 2016

The Top Techie Takeaways from EventTech 2016

Power up your next brand experience with the top takeaways from EventTech 2016. Explore top-of-mind questions and opportunities brands face in today's digital climate, including:

October 19, 2016


Festivals provide the amps to amplify brand messaging. We all connect through music and the arts, and now brands are taking advantage of conferences and festivals like SXSW®, Coachella, Sundance,...

July 14, 2016

Strategies for Localized Experiential Marketing

Thanks to jet travel, the Internet and innovations that reduce the historical limitations of distance and time, our planet is more connected than ever. Yet today's consumers demand an increasingly...

May 10, 2016

The Payoff to Employee Engagement

We took a closer look at the financial benefits brands can experience through the implementation of strong employee engagement programs. These programs not only leverage a brand’s most powerful...

February 28, 2016

Visual Storytelling Infographic

Studies show our brains not only process visuals faster, but they retain and transmit much more information when it’s delivered visually. In 2016, brands will take full advantage of the infinite...