CreativeMornings Chicago and agencyEA partnership
March 28, 2017

Guest Feature: Jen Marquez from CreativeMornings

If you've never been to a CreativeMornings event, first of all, you're missing out. CreativeMornings began way back in 2008 when Tina Roth Eisenberg set out to create a lecture series for creatives in NYC. Since then, it’s gained so much ground that there are now over 160 chapters all over the world. On any given Friday morning, there are a bunch of people gathering somewhere to hear an inspirational talk, eat some breakfast treats and interact with other creative people in their community.

Mig Reyes brought CreativeMornings to Chicago in 2011, making ours the fifth chapter to join, and we’re so glad he did! Since then, CreativeMornings/Chicago has had 65 incredible talks and our community has grown exponentially, due in large part to our awesome volunteer team, which had been led by Kim Knoll of Knoed Creative for the past four years. I'm so pumped that Kim chose to pass the reigns onto me this year! It’s been a dream getting to make creative magic happen with this superb team.

CreativeMornings has exploded into what it is now because it’s monthly and it’s free! Conferences aren’t always accessible because they come around once a year, may not be local, and oftentimes cost hundreds of dollars for a single ticket. CreativeMornings was designed to be an accessible way for local community members to connect and be inspired. Attendees get to enjoy talks by artists who are succeeding and doing great work right in their own cities.


Michael Freimuth presenting at Creative Mornings in Savage Smyth


Folks also have the chance to attend every month, which allows them to create lasting connections with other creatives in a unique way. CM has quickly become the place people want to keep coming back to, month after month. It’s a gratifying opportunity to be able to create a space for inclusion, connection and creation, and it’s something we’re always working on improving. We want to ensure that our events remain a place where all feel welcome, because everyone is creative.

 Engaged audience members listen to Michael Freimuth at Creative Mornings in Savage Smyth


We’re so grateful for the chance to work with AgencyEA as our annual partner this year. Being that we work to put on awesome creative events every month, having our partner be a brand experience agency has felt like the perfect match. Afterall, creating unforgettable experiences is their bread and butter! Most importantly, their vision for this community aligns closely with ours, and it's evident in the ways they've gone above our expectations to help make our events shine.


The crowd at Creative Mornings in Savage Smyth

Early in the year, EA leveraged their team for a brainstorming session that Marlene Paez (CM/CHI Coordinator) and I were able to get involved in. Each member of their team came prepared with research around each month’s theme and a list of possible speakers that would be a great fit. It was an hour and a half of eating, laughing, learning and exploring. Their efforts in helping us create better events is more than we ever anticipated. It's clear that for EA, partnering with us is more than just about providing financial assistance, but is about contributing to our creative community in an impactful, meaningful way. We couldn’t be more excited for all that’s ahead!

We hope to see you at the next CreativeMornings! It’s going to be a heck of a year and we’d love to meet you!
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Jen Marquez

Jen Marquez

Jen’s nine-to-five includes creating digital experiences over at SapientRazorfish. Outside of work, she spends her time hand lettering, hosting and organizing the CreativeMornings/Chicago chapter, and sometimes knitting.